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David Johnson
Online Self Retreat

Delson will be doing a Zoom (and Youtube streaming) set of talks. Q&A alos welcome. Just come in at the time on the website.


Check out Phra Aren's observations about his 9 day zoom retreat with me online.

I will paste it in here because can't really share from facebook:

Bhikkhu Panyasampanno

"Following the ‘Tranquil Wisdom Insight Meditation’ retreat that I finished a few days ago, I am still trying to process. I cannot find the words to explain the changes within. I cannot even formulate a final assessment for myself. The one thing I can say is that there is a distinct change, a knowing that has stimulated an even greater drive to study the words of the Buddha, to sit in meditation, and an even greater conviction that the enlightened mind is indeed attainable in this very life time. Sitting comfortably and focusing on nothing but Metta (loving kindness), mind reached very subtle states of stillness, of peace. It became very evident that every distraction that arose internally, was rooted in desire, like…


I was wondering how the personality view of an ordinary person is expressed in their thoughts, feelings and actions compared to a stream entrant who has completely given up this view.

Does this mean this > everything to yourself related interpretation < of reality? e.g. The salesperson is unfriendly and you first consider that he doesnt like you instead of considering the much more likely options, that he is just like that every day and there may be completely different reasons for it. ...Just to give a very crude example.

Shouldn't that be a real personal transformation?



Bring your comments and questions and post them here. Other ...


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