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Ordination Program

Temporary Ordination available: Monk or Nun

Proper requisites can be provided for any student wishing to take a temporary ordination while training at the center. 

As is traditional in most Buddhist centers, students may keep the robes afterwards [if they can keep them with respect, or they can return them for others to use in the future]. Normal Daily Rate applies as usual to cover retreat costs. DSMC will supply everything needed and shave your head as part of the ceremony.  No memorization is necessary.
Email to if you are interested in taking a temporary ordination. The Abbot must approve any temporary ordinations. The temporary period must be during a normal retreat where you practice the TWIM practice taught here. We do not support other practices. You will stay in single monk cabins.

We no longer offer longer periods of ordination. Should you desire to continue as a monk we can try to suggest places for training as far as the rules, chants and rituals of a monk.


DSMC Ordination Photos

To view more ordination photos click the More Photos button.

Video of a temporary ordination for Jens Troeger of Seattle

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