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New Book Released "The Path to Nibbana"

Feb 7, 2017 was the launch date for my first book "The Path to Nibbana". Two years of blood, sweat and tears and lots of people helping me made this possible.

I wanted to document what I have experienced here at Dhamma Sukha on retreats and my training with Bhante Vimalaramsi learning this amazing meditation practice called Tranquil Insight Wisdom Meditation. This meditation is based the earliest Buddhist teachings that are documented in the suttas like the Majjhima Nikaya and the Samyutta Nikaya (We use Bhikkhu Bodhi's Translations).

In the suttas is the practice of the Brahmaviharas which starts with Metta and proceeds through all the Divine Abidings of Loving-kindness, Compassion, Joy, and Equanimity. The meditator practices this technique while incorporating Bhante's interpretation of Right Effort which is the 6Rs, to let go of hindrances. You go on a journey through the eight tranquil aware jhānas and, finally, the mind completely stops and Nibbāna is seen for the first time. "Just like the moon comes out from behind the clouds the stainless eye of Dhamma eliminates the Taints of Craving."

This book takes you through the meditative progression Also, students can use it as a guidebook to practice the meditation on their own if they cannot make it to a retreat.

Other practices are highlighted here and how the Buddha may have thought about them using the suttas as the judge. Are there many ways to Nibbāna or is it a complex mix of subtle practices that gets you there? Have his practices been changed and altered over time and "improved" by students that came later?  All I can say is how can you improve on the All Supreme Buddha who spent countless lifetimes perfecting his wisdom. 

There is nothing held back in this book and I hope it will surprise you and motivate to learn more about the Path to Nibbāna!

The Book is available on Amazon in 6X9 Paperback at 240 pages and as a kindle file. It is inexpensively priced. Copies for Charitable Free Distribution may be requested from

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