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This is Dhamma

Greetings -  I received this statement from a very advanced meditator after he had a very deep experience. Here is what he wrote me.

David, At the emergence of cessation there was ultra-clarity, hyperawareness and all that was left was this mindfulness - There is no more rebirth. What was needed to be done has been done. The purpose of this life fulfilled. There is no more left. No more becoming.  Mind is mind, in its original state of clarity and luminosity. All things that arise pass away. There is no greed, aversion or delusion. Mind is aware, the senses clear and receptive. Jhānas and Nirodha are fabricated states. Now there is an awakeness that occurs in every moment. The unconditioned, the absolute. The deathless. The birthless. Here nothing touches or sticks. No fabrications can latch on and become anything further down the links. Ignorance is destroyed. Rebirth is no more. There is no abiding. All is not self.  This is the Dhamma. 

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