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Venerable Dr. Saccānanda Mahāthera

Venerable "Bhante" Saccānanda is the abbot of the Brahmavihāra Meditation Center in New York and is an adamant supporter of the TWIM system. He has a PhD in Buddhist studies.


Most Venerable Dr. Saccānanda Mahāthera

 Ven. Dr. Saccānanda Mahāthera is a Bangladeshi Buddhist monk, born in the Cox's Bazār district of Bangladesh in 1981. After completing an I.Sc (Intermediate of Science) at the Noapara Degree College, he went to Myanmar in order to study Buddhism at the International Theravāda Buddhist Missionary University (ITBMU). He received novice ordination in 2001 and higher ordination in 2002 from ITBMU under most Venerable Dr. Kumarabhivamsa Sayadaw, pro-rector of ITBMU.

One year later, he received his Diploma and after two years, he received his Bachelor’s degree in Buddhist studies with grade A+ honors from ITBMU. He then entered the University of Mahachulalongkornrajavidyalaya, Bangkok, Thailand, where he obtained the M.A degree. His M.A thesis is written in English and published as: “The Analytical Study of the Origin and the Development of Buddhism in Cox’s Bazār, Bangladesh.”
In 2008, he came to New York, the United States of America as a missionary monk. He was an abbot of the ‘Bangladesh Buddhist Vihara of New York’ at 112 Street, Richmond Hill, New York. Apart from Sangha administrative work, he is one of Bangladesh’s scholar monks and the author of two books on Buddhism.

He stayed six years at Wat Jotanaram in the Bronx together with Venerable Kandaal Mahāthera  who is extremely kind monks and helped Ven. Dr. Saccānanda Mahāthera to stay and study in New York. Eventually, he entered the New York Theological Seminary, New York, United States of America where he obtained the Doctorate Degree. His Doctorate dissertation was "Brahma Vihāra Leads to Nibbāna (Loving-kindness, Compassion, Joy and Equanimity Leads to Highest Peace).

Meditation Practice
Ven. Dr. Saccānanda Mahāthera has practiced meditation for more than 21 years and is a well known Meditation teacher and author. He practiced 14 year Vipassana (Insight) meditation in Myanmar and Thailand later on under Bhante Vimalaramsi (Dhamma Sukha Meditation Center) in Annapolis, MO he studies more about Mettā Meditation. He is interested in practicing meditation by going back to the earliest Buddhist Suttas to find out what the Buddha really taught. He uses the Majjhima Nikāya (The Middle Length Discourses of the Buddha and Saṃyutta Nikāya (The Connected Discourses of the Buddha) as his basis for teaching the "Mindfulness of Mettā" and the Brahmavihāra that lead to the realization of Nibbāna. He calls this Tranquil-Insight Meditation. 

 Founder and Abbot of BVMC


Establishing the Brahmavihāra Meditation Center  in New York
Ven. Dr. Saccānanda Mahāthera established a Meditation Center in Westbury, Long Island, New York, United States of America named “Brahma Vihāra Meditation Center.” for the benefit and welfare of children and lay-devotees. He open Center for everyone so that all people can experience inner peace. 

​Novice and Monk Ordination
Ven. Dr. Saccānanda Mahāthera was ordained as novice in 2001 and received higher ordination in 2002. He left the Bangladesh to seek awakening through meditation. He practiced meditation under many teachers in Myanmar as well as Thailand. Eventually, when Bhante Vimalaramsi said that you are ready now for teaching, from that time he started teaching to others. 

Changing Direction
From 2001 to 2016 he dedicated himself to study and direct experience meditation. He practiced meditation under many senior monks from Myanmar and Thailand but fortunately after 14 years he met a skillful and experienced teacher Bhante Vimalaramsi in Missiouri, United States of America. From that time, he gave up old practice and started practicing "Brahma Vihāra (Loving-kindness, Compassion, Joy, and Equanimity) Meditation". At present Dr. Saccānanda Mahāthera is teaching this simple and easy technique to all by following origin discourses (Suttas) so that everyone can progress faster.   

Opened Retreat Center in the USA
After experiencing and finishing retreat from Dhamma Sukha Meditation Center 3 months and 10 days Dr. Saccānanda Mahāthera opened a Meditation Center in New York in 2017 and started teaching to Bangladeshi and American communities. Many people are coming for practicing meditation from different countries as other states. Dr. Saccānanda Mahāthera also teaches to children so that young generations can learn and practice meditation in their daily life. 

Books Written by Dr. Saccānanda Mahāthera
1. Brahma Vihāra Leads To Nibbāna (Loving-kindness, Compassion, Joy and Equanimity Leads To Highest Peace).
2.The Analytical Study of Buddhism in Cox's Bazār, Bangladesh.
3. The Daily Life of A Buddhist. 
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