Maps and Directions


How to get to Dhamma Sukha Meditation Center-Please print -GPS doesn't always work! Most GPS units will get you most of the way to DSMC. Iphone will get all the way. Google stops about a 1/2 mile before it.  Review the map and print and carry it with you. We have a '8218' Street sign at our entrance next to a big White Rock.
GPS: 37.513113, -90.767203

+37° 30' 47.21", -90° 46' 1.93"

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Questions? Drop an email to and receive a reply within 24hrs. 

Getting to the Center 


From the North (St Louis) Airport

1. Take 270 South 20 miles and then 55 South 20 miles toward Cape Girardeau.
2. Then take exit 174B off 55 to merge onto US-67 S toward Bonne Terre/Farmington 35 miles.
3. Take the MO-221 W exit right toward Doe Run (Dairy Queen and Mcdonald's on right) are there.
4. Go 7.1 miles and then turn left onto MO-221 toward Pilot Knob & Arcadia Valley.
5. Go 8.9 miles to Pilot knob and turn left onto 21 South toward Ironton (Sign for Pilot knob & SUBWAY SAND. is on the right.
You might see CC Highway that says Taum Sauk Mtn Park - DO NOT TAKE THAT - WE ARE ON AA not CC.
6. Go 9 miles past Ironton (Walgreens) South on 21 to AA and turn right.  
7. Follow AA and go 5mi-It becomes County Road 204.
8. The Black mailbox is on the Right side (BOX 8218 —-> and the driveway is on the left at big White Rock with the Dhamma Wheel painted on it. Turn in and follow sign for RETREAT up hill across creek. Also now a street sign for 8218 is next to the white rock.

From the South (Centerville)

1. Make your way on Rt 60 to Centerville. Continue on 21 to Lesterville
2. As you pass through this tiny town you will cross a bridge and see the log cabin inn on the left. Just beyond that is a sign for Taum Sauk Lake on the left. This is Hwy “U”
3. Turn Left onto “U”.
4. Follow U  7 Miles and bear Right where the trucks line up for entering the power plant project at the stop sign. Continue right and go three more miles.
5. The mailbox is on the Left . BOX 8218 and the driveway is on the right at the White Rock. Don't go right into Gated Monastic area - follow signs up the hill 1/10th mile. Follow sign for Retreat Check-in across creek and up hill to the office building.

The closest Airport is St Louis (STL) 

#1. ARRIVING by AIR -Airport pickup by DSMC staff and go to center direct option:
If your flight can't arrive before 12:30pm then you will need to have us pick you up.
Dhamma Sukha shuttle details:
Cost $60 each person. This is a 2
hr. trip and includes meeting you in the baggage area. See details below. You can sign up for this when you apply for retreat.

#2. How to take the SMTS shuttle from the airport to the Center

Please try to set up flights to arrive at St. Louis by 12:30 PM- You must take a metro train  ($4) inside the airport to the Shuttle downtown which leaves at 2pm from the Downtown Bus/Amtrak Station. SMTS Shuttle is $30. 
Shuttle doesn't run weekends. For weekends you must have us pick you up. 

SMTS Shuttle details:
Monday Through Friday, When you arrive at St. Louis Lambert Field Airport, after going to the baggage area, you need to then go upstairs to the METROLINK train and ride to the CIVIC CENTER STATION Bus/Amtrak Train Station. Buy the cheapest 2 hr. ride ticket and then validate it right there at the Validation machine next to the ticket machine- very important if they ask to see the ticket on the train.  Then proceed up the escalator to the train platform and just get on.

Walk to the Greyhound side of the station (Amtrak is on the other side) and pick up your SMTS shuttle service ticket at the white SMTS shuttle van with blue SMTS on it,  which leaves at 2pm. Arrive at 1:45pm. It then takes you to Farmington by 3:30PM.  Note: The bus station and the amtrak train station are next to each other. You just walk a few feet through a door. The shuttle van will be in a bus slip.

DSMC staff will pick you up in Farmington and carry you back to the center at 3pm when you arrive from St Louis.
Please text David if there is any issue on his cell at 573-604-1481.  Also text when you arrive at STL airport so we know you are there.

For this SMTS route Cash or Credit card are accepted
Purchase tickets on the vehicle if you are arriving or at the Farmington departure point. Currently $30.
You must reserve a shuttle ride.  You can reserve a year in advance with no fee. Call 573-431-5765


Please set up flights after 1:00 PM when you leave so you have time to get to the airport and get your ticket.

Catch the SMTS Shuttle back to the airport. Shuttle doesn't go on weekends or holidays. We will drop you at the shuttle in nearby Farmington.

Monday through Friday  there is service leaving at 9am from Farmington.

The shuttle arrives at one location which is
the Greyhound Bus Terminal/ Amtrak Station. Then take the Metrolink train that transports you to the LAMBERT INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT.

Shuttle DEPARTS at 9 AM  Farmington, MO
ARRIVES at 11 AM to the Greyhound Bus Terminal St Louis
Cost is $30.00 (one way) per person.
IF you leave from FARMINGTON, you may pay by cash or credit card.
We will get you to the shuttle and help you through the process.

If there is any complication, please contact us so we can make arrangements for you. Contact us at 
Dhamma Sukha
Meditation Center
8218 County Road 204
Annapolis MO 63620