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TWIM & Bhante Vimalaramsi World-Wide

Dhamma Sukha now has a world-wide presence. As Bhante Vimalaramsi does more and more retreats more sites are springing up to support TWIM.

Below are other countries with sites devoted to TWIM.

Dhamma Sukha Asia.jpg

Dhamma Sukha India
This site is run by Venerable Dhammagavesi and Ven. Khanti Khema, senior students of Bhante Vimalaramsi. Covers retreats and talks in India and others in the Asia region.

DS Europe.jpg

Dhamma Sukha in Europe
Suttavada Foundation

Dhamma Sukha is supported in Europe with Retreats being organized on an ongoing basis. The site is run by Koen Vandenbiggalar in the Netherlands.
Delson Armstrong gives retreats from here.

DS Indonesia.jpg

Dhamma Sukha Indonesia

Dhamma Sukha Indonesia run by Senior Students of Bhante Vimalaramsi including Brenda Ie-Mcrae


BVMC New York City

The Brahma Vihara Meditation Center Just opened in June 2018 and is headed by abbot Bhante Saccananda. He is from Bangladesh and has become a fervent supporter of Bhante Vimalaramsi and TWIM.

​He has a website and has done many videos. He gives talks and retreats in New York City. run by S. Jordan, list all USA related TWIM activities including Bhante V. and other TWIM teachers  HERE

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