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DSMC follows the tradition of not charging for the Buddhist teachings. The center exists solely on the donations (called Dana) given in support for the monastics and the work of the center . Retreat fees only cover the actual cost of the room and board. This keeps the project alive and growing for future generations.   The goal is to receive the amount needed for covering operation costs and continuing the slow gradual development of the center for the future. All suggestions are welcome and we invite you to contact us.        
Our center is supported through such contributions and the pledges and kindnesses of students and supporters of the Dhamma. 
*** We are a Missouri 501 (c) (3) Religious non-profit corporation with articles that read: "...for religious, charitable, and educational purposes....", and all donations "are" fully deductible under the IRS code 170  according to the designation of churches. Founded 4-4-2003. 

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