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TWIM-Con May 9-13th, 2025

Full Moon -Vesak May 12th






  •  Create and strengthen bonds in TWIM Worldwide

  •  Discuss sustainability needs and growth opportunities

  • Global report of ongoing activities including future plans 

  • Set up a shared vision for the future of TWIM principles and practices

  • Visit completed Stupa Memorial to Bhante, Sister and U Silananda

    • Presentation by Delson Armstrong of special gift to the Stupa​

  • Drink coffee and tea, eat good food, talk and laugh a lot.




Friday, 5/9 ______________________________________________

12:00 to 5:00 pm  Check In

6:00 pm           Dinner

7:00 pm           Session 1: Orientation:  ​David Johnson / S. Jordan          

Saturday 5/10 ______________________________________________

6:30           Meditation

7:30 to 8:30am  Breakfast

9:00am     Session 2: End of an Era: Memorial stupa (video) and discussion: David
                 Session 3: Principles and practices of TWIM in accordance with Bhante's teachings:  David 
12:00PM Lunch             

                 Session 4: DSMC activities future plans and programs, teacher training program:  David / Kristen 
                 Session 5: 10-Year journey from Buddha's Map to retirement from Easing Awake Sangha:  Doug Kraft
                 Session 6: Seeking Heartwood a personal journey film and discussion:  Adam Eurich


Sunday 5/11: ______________________________________________  

7:30 to 8:30am  Breakfast

9:00am  Session 7: Global activities: Suttavada Netherlands /using an AI BOT for training:  Koen Biggelaar
              Session 8: Global activities: HeartDhamma, teaching TWIM in India:  Venerable Bhante Ananda
              Session 9: Brahmavihāra Meditation Center, New York and Bangladesh:  Venerable Dr, Bhante Saccānanda,
              Session 10: Activities at Peace House, Cambridge, MA: Venerable Bhante Kusala
12:00PM Lunch        

              Session 11, Start-up and running TWIM programs in California: S. Jordan / Nat Heidler
              Session 12, Organizing and leading Zoom classes and retreats: Rachael O'Brien esq./ Khin Maw / Jack Young
              Session 13 Global Activities: Program update Dhamma Sukha Indonesia: Brenda Ie-McRae CCHt, PLRt
              Session 14: A Journey into the heavenly realms:  David Johnson



Monday 5/12______________________________________________

             Session 15: Dhamma and conscious money:  Cleoa Lira
             Session 16: Psychotherapy and cognitive therapy and TWIM:  Cassandra Garhart Ph.D.
      12:00PM Lunch        

             Session 17:  Data report on jhana study and science applications:  Steven Zerfas, CEO, Jhourney
             Session 18: Breakout group discussion topics and workshops to be announced.
             Session 19: Dana Talk/Closing session and celebration:  David Johnson/ S. Jordan


 8:30     FIREWORKS  

Tuesday 5/13______________________________________________

7:30 – 8:30am Breakfast  

8:30 – 9:300am Closing Session/Dana Talk

10:00am   Departure

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