Online Retreat Support Files

Support Documents - TWIM Metta Mediation

A Guide to TWIM Metta Instructions

Retreat Morning Routine - Morning Refuges, Precepts and Dhammapada Verses

Dependent Origination Chart In Color

Brief Lovingkindness Instructions

Refresh Your Loving Kindness Practice

Orientation 2019 Easter Retreat Transcript

Support Documents - Forgiveness Mediation

Brief Forgiveness


Brief Forgiveness Instructions

Forgiveness Book 2021

Support Documents - Ordination

Novice Ordination Ceremony

120a- Samanera Novice Ordination Ceremony-_feb-2014_revised

120b- Samanera Novice Ordination Ceremony-_feb-2014_revised

Support Documents - Others

Advantages Of Upholding Precepts

6Rs Pocket Card

8 Fold Path In A Smile

7 Link Training Chart

Sharing Merit

This is the Sharing of Merit chanted after the Dhamma Talk

Brief Guide To Breath Instructions

Blessings for the Meal

Below is the prayer that Bhante chanted at meal times

Post Retreat Support Page

Post Retreat Support from DSMC