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Online Loving-Kindness (Metta) Retreats

ONLINE RETREATS  are guided by our expert 

TWIM Meditation Guides. The qualifications to be a guide are deep practice success and the ability to work with people. All approved by Bhante Vimalaramsi.


'If you can't come for a physical retreat, why not do a retreat at home with daily guidance online? (Via Email Web-form-this is not a live program)

Free of charge -please consider donating afterward to keep the program going. 


Upcoming Metta Online Retreats

All Online Retreats are now available -Sign up

Schedule of Metta (Lovingkindness) Retreats

January 2023

  • 6th Metta with Stuart Bradley -Full

  • 6th Metta with Gary Leung -Full

  • 13th Metta with Kirsten Jones- Full

  • 13th Metta with Christian Kasper-Full

  • 20th Metta with Stuart Bradley -Full

  • 27th Metta with Antra Berger -Full

February 2023

  • 3rd Metta with Christian Kasper-Full

  • 3rd Metta with Alice Chow-Full

  • 3rd Metta with Stuart Bradley-Full

  • 17th Metta with Lyling Hom -Full

  • 17th Metta with Stuart Bradley

  • 24th Metta or Forgiveness with Teri Pohl

  • 24th Metta with Gary Leung

Retreats are conducted year around. More dates are added as we go forward.


March 2023

  • 3rd Metta with Stuart Bradley

  • 3rd Metta with Alice Chow

  • ***10th Metta with Kirsten (mix of email-form interviews & 3 on Live Zoom chat)-FULL

  • 17th Metta with Stuart Bradley

  • 24th Metta with Ann Shawhan

  • 31st Metta with Stuart Bradley

April 2023

  • 21st Metta with Ann Shawhan

***Kirsten's  Mixed Zoom Retreat

   This retreat has all the same components of the regular online retreat.  The difference is that in addition you will also have 3 face to face meetings to discuss your meditation progress and receive guidance to help support your practice.  Please contact us if you have questions at

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