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ONLINE FORGIVENESS RETREATS  are guided by our expert 
TWIM Meditation Guides. The qualifications to be a guide are deep practice success and the ability to work with people. All approved by Bhante Vimalaramsi.


'If you can't come for a physical retreat, why not do a retreat at home with daily guidance online? (Via Email Web-form-this is not a live program)

Free of charge w/deposit -please consider donating afterward to keep the program going. 


Upcoming Forgiveness Online Retreats

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Schedule of Forgiveness Retreats

Forgiveness Dates

  • New  prerequisite: 1 online or Onsite TWIM retreat

  • Feb 9th - Forgiveness with Teri Pohl -Complete

  • May 31   -Forgiveness with Ann Shawhan-Full

  • June 7th - Forgiveness with Gary Leung  -Full

  • June 7th  -Forgiveness with Ann Shawhan - Full

  • July 5th   -Forgiveness with Ann Shawhan

  • Aug 2nd  -Forgiveness with Ann Shawhan

  • Sept 6th  -Forgiveness with Alice Chow

  • Sept 20th -Forgiveness with Ann Shawhan

"When I first started the loving kindness practice (it’s called TWIM: tranquil wisdom insight meditation), I wasn’t able to generate sustainable feelings of love that make up the core of the practice. In TWIM, this is fairly common and the remedy is to spend a couple of days (or as long as it takes) doing forgiveness practice. It’s rather counterintuitive and it took me about a day and a half to get the hang of it: one simply repeats to oneself, “I forgive myself for not understanding.” Then generating the wish for feelings of forgiveness to arise, one sits or walks, waiting for the heart of forgiveness to make itself felt.


"I had some very profound experiences after hours and hours of boredom. These were cathartic and deeply emotional, and afterward I was unable to feel resentment toward anyone including myself or those I felt had hurt me the most. This was temporary but in successive layers over the past few months, I’ve found that anger and resentment respond very quickly to this type of forgiveness, which does not set up dualistic blame dynamics but radiates in one’s own heart as a state of grace that heals as a natural byproduct.

"Naturally all the other people come up (in my case they arose in bubbles of light in a field of loving forgiveness once the practice took hold), and the heart eagerly welcomes all the most cringeworthy moments and reviled people and memories, (irrespective of whether I had thought of myself as victim or perpetrator in those scenarios), embracing them in spontaneously arising joy and acceptance."   J-Tokyo

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