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Mr. David Johnson has been in residence at DSMC since 2010. He is a long time senior student of Bhante Vimalaramsi  and is author of "The Path to Nibbana"


David Johnson

David Johnson

David became interested in meditation in his college years as this was the revolutionary 70's that followed the pschedelic 60's. David took his first Vipassana retreat in 1973 and this was followed by many 30 day and 90 day retreats practicing Mahasi Style Vipassana.​

In 2006 he found out that an old friend from his Vipassana days was in living in Missouri and had become a monk. David found Bhante Vimalaramsi at the Dhamma Sukha Meditation Center and was introduced to a very unique meditation style which he would later practice and take many, many retreats and experience many amazing insights.


He subsequently moved from Silicon Valley and his high tech job to St Louis to become a member of the Dhamma Sukha  Meditation center where he lives & works today.

On his "To Do" list are just a few items below:

  • Authored below "The Path to Nibbana" A complete guide to TWIM

  • Manages & teaches- The Online Retreat Program: Online Retreats 

  • Teaches On-Site Retreats - Retreats at DSMC

  • MO Retreats Manager -Manages daily affairs of the center.

  • Webmaster, Book Publishing, Social Media

  • Co-wrote "A Guide to Tranquil Wisdom Meditation (T.W.I.M.)

  • Video Production - produces all films for Bhante V  and D Armstrong found on website and YouTube.

  • Board member for DSMC

Book - The Path to Nibbana.jpg

Author of  "The Path to Nibbana: The Progress of 'Mindfulness of Loving-kindness Meditation through the Tranquil Aware Jhanas to Awakening"  2017 - updated 2023 with new chapters. A complete Meditation Guide to TWIM.

David Johnson is also currently a Kappiya / personal attendant for Ven. Vimalaramsi. He did a temporary ordination under Bhante Vimalaramsi and put on the robes for 3 weeks as a samenera

History- Details
David was a student of many Vipassana retreats using the Mahasi method from the age of 19 and is versed in the suttas and all areas of the Tripitaka.  He spent nearly 20 years on and off retreat. He has done 10+ retreats with Bhante V. and been his student since 2006.

He has archived video footage of and met personally Dipa Ma and Mahasi Sayadaw and previously meditated under Joseph Goldstein, Jack Kornfield and U Silananda. He worked on a video project for Jack Kornfield. He has brought the footage of these great teachers to the internet for all to enjoy. 

He was also a Meditation Center Retreat Manager for the Stillpoint Institute, a San Jose, California based Vipassana Center in the mid 70's. Here he assisted in the growth of the center and managed financial and administrative affairs. Interestingly he knew a tall gentleman at the center with long red hair who he would later study under: Bhante Vimalaramsi before he became a monk.

In the 1980's to 2010 he worked in the San Francisco Bay Area at a number of networking companies as a production and logistics manager.  He decided to join Bhante in his mission to bring TWIM to the world in 2010 and moved to Missouri on a permanent basis.  

You can contact him directly at

Thanksgiving Retreat Nov 2017 led by

David Johnson

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