Listed below are either active sitting groups or people int. Listed below are either active sitting groups or people interested in TWIM, wishing to sit together and also discuss Bhante Vimalaramsi's teachings.

People who may give instruction in TWIM and are familiar with the levels of progress are noted in bold***.

Also you may request to be added to the below list. Use the contact form at the bottom.

We are always looking for people interested in TWIM, wishing to sit together, and also discuss Bhante Vimalaramsi's teachings.

People who may give instruction in TWIM and are familiar with the levels of progress are noted in bold***.

Want to sponsor a retreat for Bhante? - Download the guidelines document.

Sitting Groups and TWIM Mentors in USA and Abroad


San Diego
San Diego Sitting Group
 ***Mark and Antra Berger

Phone: 619-225-0817


7:00-9:00 PM

Every 2 weeks

One Hour Sitting and Sutta Discussion
Schedule may change so please contact first.

Greater Sacramento

***Doug Kraft

Easing Awake TWIM Meditation Classes, Study Groups, and RetreatsWeekly introductory and advanced classes and study groups

Petaluma, California (Near S.F.)

Mind Dharma of Petaluma
Ed Pytel

Phone: 650-305-0576


Meetup Site:

I help lead a local sitting group and Bhante's method is already congruent with our group. I pretty much already lead our group in the TWIM method but to have TWIM so clearly laid out is nice. I would love to grow a stronger relationship with Bhante and



Glenn Derrick


Phone: 734-286-5894



***Andrew Litchy


Loving-Kindness Meditation Group
Discussion and meditation
Monday: 530 to 7PM, every other week.

at Pathways Minneapolis
3115 Hennepin Ave S 
Minneapolis, MN 55408

Also - Open meditation
Saturday: 11AM to 12PM.
Neighborhood Naturopathic
7200 France Ave #135
Edina, MN 55435


Redmond, WA

***Paul Johnson


TWIM Meditation Group

Discussion and meditation

Email me for location and more details.

Outside the USA doing TWIM


Vienna, Austria

***Christian Kasper

Phone Number +4369917097221

Almost every Monday from 7:15pm till 9:00pm Metta-Meditation in the Centre of Vienna. If you are interested to join us, please write me a mail or phone me.
Language: German


Robert Mari

Toronto, Canada

***Khin Lay Maw


Pusat, Jakarta


***Brenda Ie-McRae 

Primary leader for the Indonesian Group

Offering: Public talks
                group retreats 
                monthly meetings 
                some coaching.


Almaty, Kazakhstan

Contact:***Pavel Katorgin


Address: Ayteke by 149, corner of Shagabutdinov st.
Every weekend sat or sun at 10:00. Decision made in whatsapp chat every week.
Duration: 1 hour mediation and short discussion. 
We rent a meditation hall at qigong center. 2000 kzt/hr. We share the price between all participants.


***Oleg Pavlov

Samara/Russian Federation

Oleg is a qualified teacher of TWIM and has conducted both physical on-site retreats and online retreats.


Maharashtra, India

***Dr Major Madhusudan Cherekar

Phone Number 09423776802   

We have sitting group daily morning around 8am. We have hindi and marathi translations of basic instructions available.    


Hanoi, Vietnam

Contact: ***Công Nguyn Trung

Phone Number 084948322397  

We organize 10 day online TWIM course in Vietnamese and daily online group sitting from 5am to 6am.

People Interested in TWIM

Interested in TWIM? Listed below are people just like you! 

If you would like to be added to this list please fill out the Interested in TWIM form at the bottom of this page.

Let us know your interest to sit together and/or talk about TWIM in the form.

1.  Teresa Vazquez  -Lots of interest in getting a group going!

2108 Bayview Dr.

Fort Wayne, IN 46815


(260) 418-4547

2.  Blake Salem  

Lincoln, NE


Ph#  402-430-2437

3.  ***Jordan    

Lectures about TWIM in San Francisco Bay Area

San Francisco and Big Island, Hawaii



4.  Lance Potter

Experienced zazen, Shambhala and Nyingma, but Theravada TWIM 


Naples, Florida


5.  Jeannette Noble

Los Angeles, CA

Sitting group - contact below for more info-You can phone but email first


6.  Lyling Hom

Pasadena, CA 

Phone: 626-798-1210


7.  Jeff Wright

Washington D.C.

Interested in meeting up with other TWIM practitioners in the greater

Washington DC area.

I live in Montgomery County, MD. 


8.  Nathan St. Armand

Little River/myrtle beach

S. Carolina

Ph: 2154073212

"I'm just starting out and looking for a sitting group."

9. Tran Huynh

Philadelphia, PA


Phone Number: 16126698234

More Details here:

I am looking for people to sit together every other week or monthly group sitting and sutta study in Mainline/Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Interested people may contact me via email to set up a group sitting together.

10. Puri Bender

Houston, TX, USA


Looking for people to practice together

11. Cori Barker

Denver, CO


Phone: 9702704439

I've been in practice for 3 years now and would be happy to start a little group out here in Colorado!

 Pablo Rizzo
Area: Ayacucho/Buenos Aires/Argentina

 Nic Daniels
 Cairns, Far North Queensland, Australia

Looking to start a sitting group in Cairns. :)

Melissa Alomes
Hobart, Tasmania  email me!
Would love to start a TWIM meditation group in Hobart.

Mark Hall
Phone: 0406422813
I would love to hear from anyone in the West interested in TWIM meditation :-)

***Anne Llewellyn
Phone: 0432 330 225
I have been a meditator for many years. The last three have been working from a TWIM book and recently on one of David's online retreats.       

Prasad Perera
Quakers Hill, NSW

Kevin Burrett
Phone: +61883881852
Comment: No sitting group here in Adelaide...just me !


Tony Leabettor

Central Coast


Phone: 0402076799

Comment: I have been getting people work colleagues and friends requesting me to instruct them in TWIM. I completed my first Online TWIM Retreat with John Partlett in 2017 followed by another Online Retreat with David Johnson in June 2018 where i was fortunate enough to get an attainment with Davids expert instructions.This was followed by a Physical Retreat in Australia at Wingello on 2nd November -11th November 2018 under the guidance of Bhante Vimalarasmi and Sister Khema. This was followed by Physical Retreat at Brickfields Kuala Lumpur Malayasia 20th - 29th December 2019 under the guidance of Bhante V, Sister K and Bikkhu Dhammagavesi. Recently completed a TWIM Zoom Online Retreat through the Suttavada Foundation 17th - 26th November 2020 under the guidance of Delson Armstrong. With increasing interest from people in Australia i am looking at building and consolidating the in the Post Covd19 world with more participants. I offer these teachings free as in the spirit of the Dhamma and tradition of the Buddha. Looking at donations as i build a student base with those donations wholly going back to Dhammasukha. With Metta Tony Leabeater

Alex Carroll
Brussels, Belgium
Phone:  +32486558427
Languages spoken: English, Dutch, French

Anupama Konara
Vancouver, BC
Interested in discussing TWIM and sharing Experiences

Said Massoud
Montreal, Quebec
Would love to connect with other TWIM meditators in Montreal to meditate together and discuss progress and challenges

Cuba / La Habana
Nelson Ochagavía
Phone Number (+53)55389148
More Details here:

  • Hace unos meses que practico TWIM por mi cuenta, tras haber practicado Vipassana al estilo de Goenkaji y anteriormente Anapanasati al estilo Zen. Encuentro muy gratificante TWIM, sobre todo cuando el objeto de meditación es Metta. Quisiera intercambiar y progresar en TWIM. Gracias.

  • A few months ago that I practice TWIM on my own, after having practiced Vipassana (Goenkaji style) and, before that, Anapanasati Zen style. I find TWIM very rewarding, especially when the object of meditation is Metta. I would like to talk about TWIM and progress. Thanks.

Jon Fortney
Phone Number +971509908408
More Details here: I live/work in Dubai and would love to meet other people 
here in Dubai, or in the UAE, who are interested in TWIM. If there is interest maybe we could put together a sitting and discussion group.

Matias Pajulahti
Phone Number +358407763494
More Details here: Hei, terveisiä Suomesta! I live near Turku, Finland and 
would like to have a TWIM group here. Could also do online meditation meetings. 

Sergio Santos
Guatemala City
Phone:  502-55700726
Guatemala City. Interested in group sits and sutta discussion.

Dr Major Madhusudan Cherekar
Phone: +919423776802
I am practising TWIM since Dec 2018. anybody interested can join me for 
group sitting almost every evening  7pm to 9.30pm. presently we are only two.

Gustavo C.
Let's start a TWIM sitting group!

Savankumar Gudaas
Phone Number +6584252903
More Details here: I had done 9 days of online retreat of TWIM, happy to pair 
with 6Rs practitioners on Sutta study. Let's start a TWIM sitting group!

Tom Jansen
Banpong, Banpong, Ratchaburi Province, Thailand
Phone Number: +668 7667 7932 If you are in Thailand, 08 7667 7932
More Details here: Practicing and enjoying TMI for a couple of years. I accidentally ran across TWIM while searching for instructions  on practicing Metta. I am giving TWIM a trial run alongside my TMI practice. There is a really good summary of TWIM on the reddit forum called, A Crash Course in Tranquil Wisdom Insight Meditation (TWIM) I have been reading three or four books on TWIM, and this summary is great for its brevity and completeness.

Indu Shakya
Reigate, Surrey, UK
Phone: 07877996735

  • I am working on organizing TWIM retreats and help establishing a Buddhist monastery in the UK soon. Please stay in touch with me if you can participate and/or offer any help.

Jonathon Bibb
Region: Hooton Pagnell
Phone: 07588559759
I would like to deepen my meditation practice and potentially look to start a TWIM group here in Yorkshire, UK.

Pradeep Kumar
Exeter, UK
ph: 07541480722

Cong Trung  

Pedro Fanega
Caracas, Venezuela.
Ph: 58-4166157500
Interesado en compartir sobre TWIM en castellano. Soy principiante.

Interested in TWIM Form