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This series of Online retreats is to support the new Freedom of Mind Foundation. We need to fund this budding foundation with paid professionals to take TWIM to the next level and are asking for your help during these specific retreats to donate a little more than you are used to. Please donate up to the Tier that you can. All Retreaters will receive daily interviews personally with Delson.

Schedule for Zoom Retreat 

Delson Armstrong


Sept 13-21
Oct  11-19
Nov  8-16


You must abide by India Time availability of Delson giving Interviews- During his time zone

Application to open soon
Payment Below
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Password protected

Freedom of Mind is pleased to offer a Full Intensive Online Retreat using Zoom instead of having students to attend in person. These retreats are to be conducted by Delson Armstrong.
This is a little different from the normal online retreat which can be very casual. This retreat you will do interviews in person and will be expected to be there every day. About 20 people per retreat.

For this retreat you should be very serious about pursuing a TWIM only approach and sit for 6+ total hours in sessions each day.

There are donation tiers Base "fee" is $250. Additional funds are considered donations with a tax receipt due to you.  Please donate what you can pay - you are helping us spread TWIM.

Tier One:   $250

Tier Two:    $500

Tier Three: $750

Tier Four: $1000

*Payments Refundable 30 days before retreat starts. Just let us know.

We will accept beginners or advanced students. (Please don't try to do this retreat if you are working, going to school or taking care of small children during this time. We have to have you focused and uninterrupted.)

  • Interviews -  Interviews will be at times posted above - You will be given a time to attend and you should sign on 5min before and standby in the "waiting room."  If you can't attend interviews at this time every day for everyday we ask you consider a regular online Metta retreat instead, and not do this zoom retreat. Please don't sign up unless you can do interviews no later then 9PM your time. (You have to get some sleep!)

  • You will be expected to put this time aside just for the retreat. No family or friend interactions. No TV or internet surfing. Only meditation and videos and some reading.

  • You will be expected to get in at least 6 hrs. total in sittings per day. You should walk 20+min between each sitting


Friday Day 1  

  • ​ Intro Talk at 1PM-2PM  (All times are CST) ( required)  

  • For Delson's Retreat he will give you a live Orientation on Day 1. You may also watch the other talks listed.

  • If you didn't get everything this video can be watched as well - Full orientation video

  • Start sitting and walking after the video. Sit at least 30min - longer if it is going well.

  • Download the Guide to TWIM in pdf or epub on the Support page You will receive all docs in your welcome email. Please save them and print them out.

  • You can also review all the morning precept forms now and print them out and get them ready for Saturday morning.

  • Download your "Brief Lovingkindness Instructions" from the Support Page

       ***Optional Materials to Review on Friday or Saturday

  •       -Watch Short Video on the 6Rs 4min

  •       -You can Listen to an optional MP3 Metta instructions and talk on this page

  •       -Download your "Brief Lovingkindness Instructions" from the Support Page

  •       -Or Read the Lovingkindness Instructions from this Page

  •      -Watch and listen to "Brief Lovingkindness Instructions" on you tube


Suggested Daily Schedule for Retreat-Adjust to your own needs. 

6:00 am      Wake up and  Recite Precepts and Refuges:  Take the 5 or 8 full precepts -On support page-print off

                       You Can Watch a video reciting the refuges and 5 precepts, or video reciting the refuges and 8 precepts
6:30 am        Sitting & walking meditation
7:30 am       Breakfast
8:00 am       Self-directed meditation
11:30-12:30am      Lunch on your own
1:00 pm       Zoom Interviews per schedule (1PM CST)
3:00 pm      Self-directed meditation
6:00 pm      Tea time  (you can have chocolate but without nuts if on 8 precepts)
6:30 pm      Dhamma talk -Watch Video
8:00 pm      Self-directed meditation
10:00 pm    Sleep


If you can follow all 8 precepts, which includes not eating after lunch, that is preferable. If there is a medical condition where you need something in the evening then eat only a lite meal and don't take the precept about eating after noon.  Print precepts from here

Below are videos to watch for Delson Armstrong's zoom retreats.


Playlist for Delson's Retreat: Youtube Budapada Retreat Aug 1-11

***Friday will be a live talk from Delson

Last Saturday talk is wrap up and final talk from Delson

You can watch ALL of the talks as you find time.

STOP HERE for Delson




Below is for David Johnson's zoom retreats Only.



You may want to also review this INTRODUCTORY  TALK  about the Five Precepts, and basic instruction for Loving-Kindness Meditation prior to your retreat (Metta, Davis, Feb-07  ~ 45 min, audio - video). You can do this on the Friday you begin your retreat.      Another good talk on Precepts which are very important for this retreat....Please listen/watch when you can.




*Meditate  - All sessions should be 30min minimum-remember to keep a smile there!

Follow this with 20minutes of walking meditation. Or at least get some exercise by fast running in place, or yoga. 

Note: Please understand that you are not making a commitment to becoming a Buddhist by saying these Refuges and Precepts for the time of this retreat. These WILL help your practice because taking the Refuges and Precepts each day is done to remind us to not do unwholesome actions which will make guilt or remorse arise and adversely affect our meditation. We say things three times so that we never forget there are three parts to Buddhism: The Buddha. who was the original Master teacher, The Dhamma which means the teaching itself, and The Sangha meaning those monks and nuns of all traditions who have sacrificed everything to preserve and keep the Dhamma alive.  
Taking the Refuges means that you are paying respect to the Buddha because he discovered the way to the cessation of suffering.  You are paying respect to the teachings which still work and can still relieve suffering. You are paying respect to the Monastics who constantly work to research, practice, preserve and teach others in hopes of leading a way to more Peace in this world.      

Note on Sitting:  If your meditation is going well then please sit longer. This is not a "sit one hour; walk one hour" practice. You start with 30min/30min, and the sitting part of the practice expands as your ability and your comfort level increases. If the sitting is going well your progress will go deeper the longer you sit so don't get up unless you must. If you use a timer make sure it is a timer that won't need to be turned off manually if you decide to ignore the bell and sit longer. We suggest a chair for sitting but its up to you.




We will do the first talk live on Zoom - but otherwise follow this playlist.

​ Use Play List from YouTube: A 9 Day Online Retreat - YouTube    Bookmark this 
(If this is your second or third online retreat use these links:  2nd playlist to watch, or 3rd playlist for #3)

An additional playlist if you have watched the others is now available featuring Delson Armstrong.
Read the transcript of this Talk.  On the Download Page or see below for pdf files

*Some of the talks are quite long - you are only required to watch the talk up to where Bhante takes questions. Questions don't necessarily have to do with the subject of the talk so it's not really necessary to go through all those if you don't have time.

Day 1 : Friday -Bhante will do talk on zoom - below is another optional instructions talk
Joshua Tree 2012 Orientation and Beginning Instructions

Optional videos: INTRODUCTORY  TALK  about the Five Precepts, and basic instruction for Loving-Kindness Meditation prior to your retreat    Another good talk on Precepts which are very important for this retreat.

DAY 2: Saturday
MN#128  2020 Day 2  "Removing Distractions" DSMC Retreat
This talk will give you advice on how to work with your distractions and hindrances.
DAY 3: Sunday
MN#111 - One by One as They Occurred - Anupada Sutta (2016 Excellent talk on Jhanas and Nibbana)
This talk will discuss the progress path through the Jhanas to the awakening experience.

Day 4: Monday
MN#10 - The Four Foundations of Mindfulness - Satipaṭṭhāna Sutta 
This is one of the most important suttas about how the Buddha dealt with meditation with a particular emphasis on the development of insight. The Buddha begins by declaring the four foundations of mindfulness to be the direct path for the realization of Nibbana.
Day 5: Tuesday
MN 140 DhatuVibangha Sutta - The Exposition of the Elements Aug 1, 2013
Primarily, the discourse is about four foundations: wisdom, truth, relinquishment and peace. It also includes a great deal on feeling (vedanā). The last section is about mental conceiving.  49 min.

Day 6: Wednesday
MN#38 The Greater Discourse on the Destruction of Craving  - Mahātaṇhāsankhaya Sutta
Note: This talk introduces the student to the links of Dependent Origination.
Print off  Dependent Origination chart here on the SUPPORT PAGE.

Day 7: Thursday

 MN#148 The Six Sets of Six - Chachakka Sutta

Please note!  Bhante advises you listen to this simple reciting of this sutta and try to contemplate on what he is reading. Pay careful attention as the sutta is read.  He doesn't explain anything on this sutta. Simply listen to this and meditate on this. This is the most powerful sutta in the Majjhima Nikaya.  60 monks attained Nibbana after hearing the Buddha give this talk.

Day 8: Friday
MN#43 - The Greater Series of Questions and Answers - Maha Vedalla Sutta
Note: This is a discourse on contemplating the six senses in a manner that can be observed during meditation, and which leads to a clear understanding of the impersonal nature of the Anatta perspective.
Day 9: Saturday
MN#21 Joshua Tree 8 Retreat Simile of the Saw - Last Day Instructions 
This talk is about using lovingkindness in daily life.
Day 10: Sunday - Last Day of Retreat -  Final Talk & Q&A 1PM - All students attend final day.

If you have done an online retreat before you can use a different version of the suttas than the talks above.  Use either the video link above or listen to another version of the talk listed for the day from our website

Optional Talk

MN 44 Joshua Tree Retreat 8 - 8 Fold Path and Cessation of Identity

Note: This talk presents a version of the Noble 8-Fold Path that illustrates a  "Harmonious" Path. Print off the 8-Fold Path file on the SUPPORT PAGE.


Zoom Schedule for Interviews below

​Will be sent to your email

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