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Global TWIM Online Community Group Meditation Sessions

Welcome to the Global TWIM Online Community!
Ongoing Zoom Sessions

Come and join the Global TWIM Online community for meditation, dhamma talks, special events, and dhamma Q/A sessions.


You don’t need to register, you can just join whenever you feel like it 

Saturday sessions are for beginners who want to learn about mindfulness of loving-kindness meditation.  This is a one-hour session. For the first 15 minutes, there is a short presentation on how to prepare and cultivate loving-kindness and the 6R process. Next, we sit together for 30 min with a guided meditation, followed by 15 min of questions and answers.


Sunday sessions are designed for Intermediate to Advanced TWIM practitioners. We normally sit for one hour (the first half-hour with a guided meditation, followed by silent meditation).

Sometimes we have very advanced dhamma teachers like David Johnson, Delson Armstrong, Syl, or Doug Kraft as guest speakers. They either do dhamma talks or answer your questions on meditation and the dhamma. Or we discuss a sutta which we read on our own first, before the session. Please plan for about 2 hours.

Both Sessions start at 10 AM EST (9 AM CST, 7 AM PST, 1 PM GMT)

Join GTOG Zoom Meeting

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Join Zoom Meeting: Global Sitting Group
Meeting ID: 873 2250 2236
Passcode: 8888

If you have any questions email Khin Lay Maw


The Refuges, the 6 Precepts and the Dhammapada Verses.pdf

Sharing Merit.pdf

A Beginners Guide to Lovingkindness Meditation.pdf

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