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Hi everyone. After a few weeks of practicing the TWIM method I tend to get into the 8th Jhana very fast (20 to 30 minutes), but unfortunately it's hard for me to stabilize it. It's like I only have to close my eyes, bring a feeling of loving kindness up and it "lifts off". It's not even possible anymore to think of the loved ones anymore. Instead, the feeling just radiates by itself. As a result, I experience all Jhanas very briefly.

When I arrive at the 8th Jhana I get to a point where the mind is just resting and does not want any formations coming up to disrupt it. After some time though I get in a strange dreamy state where I'm not fully sharp and conscious. It's like I'm on a boat and I only realize this when the boat gets shaken by a wave (a thought or sensation).

When I relax, I get even dreamier and when I try to focus on the still mind, I can't hold it and experience tension in my head. I hope someone has a good advice :)

Nathan Bass
el Fonza


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