Online Metta Retreat

Daily Program Schedule




Friday Night- (or any time on Friday)  (Day 1 Intro)

  • Please watch the full orientation video  

  • Sit at least 30 minutes after this video

  • Download the Guide to TWIM in pdf or epub on the Support page

  • You can also review all the morning precept forms now and print them out and get them ready for Saturday morning.

  • Download your "Brief Lovingkindness Instructions" from the Support Page

Optional Materials to Review on Friday or Saturday

  • Watch Short Video on the 6Rs  4min

  • You can Listen to an optional MP3 Metta instructions and talk on this page

  • Download your "Brief Lovingkindness Instructions" from the Support Page

  • Or Read the Lovingkindness Instructions from this Page

  • Watch and listen to "Brief Lovingkindness Instructions" on youtube

  • To get you started you can listen to the 30 minute Guided Meditation on the PODBEAN app on your phone. Just search "Vimalaramsi" and look for the guided meditation. Also listed at the bottom of this page.


Frequently Answered Meditator Questions - Getting Help -Here


You may want to also review this INTRODUCTORY  TALK  about the Five Precepts, and basic instruction for Loving-Kindness Meditation prior to your retreat (Metta, Davis, Feb-07  ~ 45 min, audio - video). You can do this on the Friday you begin your retreat. 

Another good talk on Precepts which are very important for this retreat....Please listen/watch when you can.



  • *Meditate  - All sessions should be 30min minimum-remember to keep a smile there!

Note: Please understand that you are not making a commitment to becoming a Buddhist by saying these Refuges and Precepts for the time of this retreat. These WILL help your practice because taking the Refuges and Precepts each day is done to remind us to not do unwholesome actions which will make guilt or remorse arise and adversely affect our meditation. We say things three times so that we never forget there are three parts to Buddhism: The Buddha. who was the original Master teacher, The Dhamma which means the teaching itself, and The Sangha meaning those monks and nuns of all traditions who have sacrificed everything to preserve and keep the Dhamma alive.  
Taking the Refuges means that you are paying respect to the Buddha because he discovered the way to the cessation of suffering.  You are paying respect to the teachings which still work and can still relieve suffering. You are paying respect to the Monastics who constantly work to research, practice, preserve and teach others in hopes of leading a way to more Peace in this world.      


  •  Meditate  (if possible)


  •  Evening Dhamma Talk and Submit form

  • Another sitting if you aren't tired

Suggested Sitting and Walking Goals

  1. Day 1-2     Sitting Twice  for 30 minutes  and Walking Twice for 15 minutes

  2. Day 3-4     Sitting Twice  for 45 minutes  and Walking Twice for 15-20 minutes

  3. Day 5-9    Sitting Twice  for  1 hour and Walking Twice for 15-20 minutes

  4. As your meditation progress you may sit up to 2-3 hours but this will come on its own.

Note on Sitting:  If your meditation is going well then please sit longer. This is not a "sit one hour; walk one hour" practice. You start with 30min/30min, and the sitting part of the practice expands as your ability and your comfort level increases. If the sitting is going well your progress will go deeper the longer you sit so don't get up unless you must. If you use a timer make sure it is a timer that won't need to be turned off manually if you decide to ignore and go longer.


and send to us at the end of the day- We will reply next day or same day with comments. Bookmark this too.  

  • Around 6PM your local time each evening please listen to a Dhamma Talk (or whatever is convenient for your schedule).

  • Submit your first form no later than Saturday evening or Sunday morning for us to review. Then just continue.

Submit the Daily Response Form that evening or next morning


 A 9 Day Online Joshua Tree Retreat - YouTube    Bookmark this 
(If this is your second or third online retreat use these links:  2nd playlist to watch, or 3rd playlist for #3 -If you do more then

3 retreats you can make up your own list of talks.

*Some of the talks are quite long - you are only required to watch the talk up to where Bhante takes questions. Questions don't necessarily have to do with the subject of the talk so it's not really necessary to go through all those if you don't have time.

Day 1 : Friday
Joshua Tree 4 2009 Orientation and Beginning Instructions

Optional videos: INTRODUCTORY  TALK  about the Five Precepts, and basic instruction for Loving-Kindness Meditation prior to your retreat    Another good talk on Precepts which are very important for this retreat.

DAY 2: Saturday
2020 Mn128 'First Day Blues' - Talk for 2nd Day of Retreat
This talk will give you advice on how to work with your distractions and hindrances.

DAY 3: Sunday
MN#111 - One by One as They Occurred - Anupada Sutta (2016 Excellent talk on Jhanas and Nibbana)
This talk will discuss the progress path through the Jhanas to the awakening experience.

Day 4: Monday
MN#10 - The Four Foundations of Mindfulness - Satipaṭṭhāna Sutta 
This is one of the most important suttas about how the Buddha dealt with meditation with a particular emphasis on the development of insight. The Buddha begins by declaring the four foundations of mindfulness to be the direct path for the realization of Nibbana.
 5 Aggregates (Chart referred to in the talk)   

Day 5: Tuesday
MN 140 DhatuVibangha Sutta - The Exposition of the Elements Aug 1, 2013
Primarily, the discourse is about four foundations: wisdom, truth, relinquishment and peace. It also includes a great deal on feeling (vedanā). The last section is about mental conceiving.  49 min.

Day 6: Wednesday
MN#38 The Greater Discourse on the Destruction of Craving  - Mahātaṇhāsankhaya Sutta
Note: This talk introduces the student to the links of Dependent Origination.
Print off  Dependent Origination chart here on the SUPPORT PAGE.

Day 7: Thursday
MN#43 - The Greater Series of Questions and Answers - Maha Vedalla Sutta
Note: This is a discourse on contemplating the six senses in a manner that can be observed during meditation, and which leads to a clear understanding of the impersonal nature of the Anatta perspective.

Day 8: Friday
#MN 44 Joshua Tree Retreat 8 - 8 Fold Path and Cessation of Identity

Note: This talk presents a version of the Noble 8-Fold Path that illustrates a  "Harmonious" Path. 
Print off the 8-Fold Path file on the SUPPORT PAGE.

Day 9: Saturday
MN#21 Joshua Tree 8 Retreat Simile of the Saw - Last Day Instructions 
This talk is about using lovingkindness in daily life.

Day 10: Sunday - Optional day
  You may continue to sit and submit a report - You can watch a video from our site. Your choice.

If you have done an online retreat before you can use a different version of the suttas than the talks above.  Use either the video link above or listen to another version of the talk listed for the day from our website. Also different full substitute playlists are mentioned above.

Thank you for joining us for this online retreat - Your Post Retreat Message

  • Remember to submit your interview form daily


  • ​Just Can't find the Feeling???  Watch a funny video - yes that's it! That's the Feeling!


  • At the end of the retreat please feel free to fill out a short survey