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The Path to Nibbana by David C. Johnson

"Wow! Got your book. It is a major contribution. I already have used numerous quotes as references for my PhD thesis. I think it will really turn some heads around and help people immensely with their practice." M.J., VT" Beautifully written like one word flows into another ;written with such clarity..." from Amzn. review.

What is Nibbana? The experience and how to achieve it is in this book. Awakening actually is possible! This new book definitely says yes, but only if you add back in the step that is left out of other methods. And only if you follow the method laid out by the Buddha in his earliest teachings. Nibbana can and does happen with practice - and in this book you will be shown the step by step progression through the eight aware jhanas (levels of understanding) to the final cessation and the appearing of the unconditioned (Nibbana); and the incredible joy that arises afterward. It will give you the instructions on how to practice - even at home at your own pace.

This is a complete meditation handbook with all the instructions to achieve the goal and all of the levels of knowledge along the way. Now integrates the full text of "A Guide to Tranquil Wisdom Insight Meditation (TWIM)," with detailed instructions, into the front section - also includes the full text of "A Guide to Forgiveness Meditation" as an appendix. Three books in one.

The Path to Nibbana by David C. Johnson

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