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Welcome to the TWIM Online Community!
Ongoing Weekly Zoom Sessions at 1 PM CT Saturday - 2PM ET))

Come and join the Global TWIM Online community for meditation, dhamma talks, special events, and Dhamma Q/A sessions.


Various Hosts or... not hosted - Hang out with other meditators and chat.

You don’t need to register, you can just join us at 1PM


Saturday sessions are for all who want to learn about mindfulness of loving-kindness meditation.  This is a one-hour session. We will meditate, study suttas and discuss. Beginners and advanced are welcome.


Sessions starts at 1 PM CST every Saturday


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Sometimes Host -Ven Mettananda -Currently Traveling 

Other hosts will be there.

If you have any questions email Ven. Mettananda


The Refuges, the 6 Precepts and the Dhammapada Verses.pdf

Sharing Merit.pdf

A Beginners Guide to Lovingkindness Meditation.pdf