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Forgiveness Online Retreat Program

Welcome to your Online Forgiveness Retreat!


Friday Night- or any time Friday (Day1 - Introduction)

** We are teaching Forgiveness 2.0 as revised by Bhante in 2021.   If you hear references to the 6rs you can ignore that.  Now the steps are if a distraction arises while you are forgiving yourself 1.) Forgive the disturbing state/person. 2.) Relax any tension or tightness that keeps pulling you to that painful feeling.  3.) Go back to forgiving yourself for not understanding 


  • Sit at least 30min after this video and practice forgiveness

  • Optional: One account of how forgiveness eliminated a cancerous tumor: Video 

  • Do Not send an interview report - Wait until Saturday evening after you have practiced a bit.

  • We want you to take the 5 precepts each day. You can review all the morning precept forms now and print them out and get them ready for Saturday morning. Link

  • Taking precepts is important. It clears your mind of any wrongdoing so that the retreat will go deeper. You may want to also review this INTRODUCTORY  TALK  about the Five Precepts. You can do this before you begin your retreat.  Another good talk on precepts which is very important for this retreat...  There are precept videos on the support page you can follow along.

   By Saturday Night

  • Read the book on forgiveness attached to the email. You can buy the book/kindle online if you wish. Please read it by no later than Sat. night.  You can listen to the book or download from the Forgiveness Information Page.  Check toward the Bottom of the page

  • Read this article on Forgiveness on our website

  • Send your first report on your practice. Please don't stay up late doing reports - send it the next day if necessary- you must be well rested and get enough sleep.

   Guided Forgiveness Meditation-You can use this for your sitting as required

DAILY SCHEDULE EVERY DAY starting Saturday morning  - Saturday is DAY 2





  • All sitting sessions should be 30 minutes minimum. 1 hour max.

  • Do Forgiveness while both Walking and Sitting. Follow special Walking instructions.

  • Bring Forgiveness into all of your daily activities. Forgive everything 24/7 that gets in your way.


  • Meditate 

  • Walking and Sitting


FILL OUT YOUR DAILY RESPONSE FORM and send to us at the end of the day- We will reply next day or same day with comments. Bookmark the below link.


          (The guides are Gary, Ann, Alice and Christian-they are trained and certified TWIM instructors.

  •  Around 6PM your local time each evening, please listen to a Dhamma Talk listed below for you. You can sit and meditate following the talk. Note: If it gets too late -  don't stay up - go to bed and get good rest. Send the report the next day.


       *These are YouTube videos, so you need a good internet connection and a way to watch them online.


  • The longer talks might be over an hour. You are only required to watch the talk up to where Bhante takes questions or at least an hour..  Also these talks will feature information about the Metta practice and the 6Rs as they are taught during Metta retreats. We present them here because they might be helpful in understanding of the entire process. The next step after Forgiveness is Metta practice, and then on to awakening.


Day 1: Introduction - Friday Night
General Talk on Forgiveness

Video  on Forgiveness

DAY 2: Saturday Night

Review your forgiveness instructions

Video - Instructions for forgiveness 14min - Complete Forgiveness Instructions

Optional One Hour talk by Jack Kornfield. Listen to any time this week! (click download on the site and download to your device/desktop - Lovely talk with good stories  - Player for this talk is at bottom of this page.


DAY 3: Sunday
"Journey of Forgiveness"

Bhante talks about how he spent years forgiving his father.
Journey of Forgiveness


Day 4: Monday

Forgiveness Zoom Talk (01:37:01) Forgiveness Talk  with Delson Armstrong

Optional: Interview on Guru Viking with David Johnson -"Forgiveness"

David talks on the Guru Viking podcast about all the ins and outs of this practice and gives many examples.

Guru Viking Podcast-Youtube


DAY 5: Tuesday
Karma and Forgiveness

MN#135 Culakammavibhanga Sutta -The Shorter Exposition of Action (Karma)
Note: The Buddha explains how cause and effect create either good or bad results in the future. What you sow is what you reap and later may have to forgive!

Day 6: Wednesday
What is Depression, Mindfulness and Wisdom

What is Depression? How does it arise?  What is mindfulness and the 6Rs..
Depression Video

REFRESH: Forgiveness Zoom Talk-Instructions (0:6:42) Short Forgiveness Instructions with Delson Armstrong

Day 7: Thursday
College of Naturopathy -General Talk with psychology issues discussed

Another Long talk - Please watch at least an hour. 
Naturopathy Talk

Day 8: Friday
Metta in Daily Life

Video on Youtube
Here Bhante  gives tips on bringing Lovingkindness into daily life by reading the "Simile of the Saw".
Since this talk is quite long you can watch as much as you like.

Day 9 Saturday - Optional -  You may continue and send me the Report form if you like.          


Note: All responses are private and will never be shared. This program does not take the place of medical advice (but hopefully helps you so you have no need to seek it!)

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