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I'm Matthew.

This is the first time on here, and first time posting to a group.

I am wishing for guidance, most of all.

I meditate with our local Buddhist Center on Skype, and in person often.

The Center is quite a distance from me.

My practice is needing a Teacher.

A Special Person, I guess.

My Bhante at the Center has his hands full, is always encouraging, but not available to guide me one-on-one.

With Metta


David Johnson
David Johnson
Oct 30, 2023

Hi Matthew

You can ask questions on any of these groups. The group is a little more active with questions.

I suggest you do an online retreat of 10 days. You can still be working a job and do the retreat at home. You get advice from a guide every day after you submit out your interview form. This way you learn the correct way to do the practice and stay on the path!




Bring your comments and questions and post them here. Other ...


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