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FAQ About Your Retreat

WHEN your Missouri retreat starts this page will help you to understand your transportation options and the first day checking in. Also helpful links about your room, do's and don'ts and paying for your retreat while you are here on retreat.

Links that might help

Information and maps about getting to the center via Plane or Car HERE -Please print the map if you are driving and your GPS gets lost...

  • Pay your deposit or the balance of your retreat or airport pickup HERE

  • Maps and GPS for Driving in. Info about arriving via Plane HERE

  • Flying in Late?  Recommended Inexpensive Airport Hotel. Use Special Phone 24/7 in luggage area to call shuttle. Quality Inn Lambert airport   How to book and get to the Hotel Here

  • ​What to BRING on the REGISTRATION Page

  • Do's and Don'ts while on Retreat :  Your Daily Schedule and all the little things about the retreat that you wanted to know but couldn't remember to ask...  Don't worry - you'll figure all this out quickly.

Guide to TWIM Booklet   -  Learn to meditate - You will get a free copy when you arrive

A Guide to TWIM Metta Instructions

Brief Lovingkindness Instructions

Welcome to your Missouri Retreat!

Upon arrival, park near the large building which is the dining hall, and we will show you to your cabin. You can text/call David you are here at 573-604-1481 if you don't see anyone.
The retreat will be observed in silence with the exception of interviews, discussion at Dhamma talks, and functional communication at mealtimes such as "please pass the salt.” Bhante has requested that everyone refrain from personal contact and conversation throughout the retreat. This includes outdoors and in your quarters. If you need assistance or personal supplies during the retreat, please ask a staff member.
Please suspend all of your business affairs and family obligations before arriving. This allows you to devote all your attention to meditation practice. Bhante restricts any use of cell phones, computers, and tablets without exception. Your devices will be secured upon check-in for the duration of the retreat. They will be safely stored to insure absolute privacy and security.

Checking In and Arrival


  • If you plan to arrive by car please arrive from 1pm to 6pm (preferably 3-4 is best)

  • DON'T TRUST YOUR GPS FOR THE LAST 10 MILES-PRINT THE MAP! We are not actually in Annapolis. That is only our post office. 

  • If driving you turn right onto AA hwy off  S. 21 and go 5 miles. You will see a big white rock on the left with a black wheel with spokes on it and the word DSMC on it. Turn in here (Our black mailbox with 8218 on it is on your right). Follow the sign that says "RETREAT" up the hill over a small creek to the Dining Hall complex. It's only a 1/10 mile. If you don't see anyone call David's cell phone 573-604-1481 and he'll come out to greet you or have someone look for you and show you where your cabin is, and where to park. If you go through a gate you have gone the wrong way to our Monastic area in the lower area - please turn around and go back up the hill.

       FLYING IN

  • If flying in and, you have paid for an airport pickup, we will greet you at the luggage area. Please send your flight details, phone# and last connecting city, so we can check the schedule for your flight. St. Louis airport is quite small and it's not hard to find anything - very small lines. We will escort you to the center and get you checked in.


  • Drive up to the upper area with the Dining Hall and the Dhamma Hall and cabins. Go to the largest building with the stairs and go look for us inside. If you can't find anyone just call us at 573-604-1481 and we'll come to greet you.

  • You'll get your stuff dropped at your cabin and then you will fill out some paperwork and pay for the retreat if you haven't already.

  • Put away your things in your cabin.  Make your bed and get settled. Bathroom facility is separate and is in the green building

  • There are no bathrooms in the cabins but there is a new large bathroom facility with showers that you may use. The old bathroom is still there and can be used as well. You can store your towels and toiletries in the bathroom for your convenience.

  • There is laundry - let us know if you wish to use it and we will show you how it works.

  • Your cabin has an alarm clock which you can use. Please turn in your cellphone for safekeeping and to keep you from "peeking" at your twitter! (You may keep your phone if you really need it, but please explain why you need it).

  • You will be on 8 precepts the next day so let us know if you need one last meal/snack in the evening when you arrive and we will find something for you. Try to eat before you come. After that it will be two meals only and tea/coffee and some chocolate each day at 5:30PM. We do serve coffee in the morning!

  • After you are settled you will be asked to come to the dining hall to fill out an application and pay any balance for your retreat. Cell phones are turned in and last minute questions are answered.

  • Depending on when you arrive, you will go upstairs to the library to watch the orientation video which will give you the instructions for loving-kindness/metta and give you more information about the retreat. This will happen around 6PM.  Also at this time Bhante will be giving a Dhamma talk to the people who may already be here while you are watching your orientation. You will join in the next day for the evening talk in the Dhamma Hall from then on.

  • If it is later in the day you will be offered some light snack around tea time on your first day. It's good if you can eat before you arrive. We can provide a small meal upon your arrival as needed. The next day you will go on 8 precepts. 

  • Pick out a chair in the Dhamma Hall to listen to talks. You can meditate in the chair or on the floor - most people sit in the chairs. If a chair doesn't have anything on it, it is available. More chairs and cushions are in the back.

  • Walking meditation is not done in the Hall, but rather, can be done outside on any of the gravel roads.

  • When you leave please sweep your cabin, strip your sheets and pillow cases and take to laundry room and put in hamper behind door.  Please leave your blankets and bedspreads in your cabin. Don't wash.

  • If you don't have a flashlight please ask for one and use it - be careful to not step on a frogs.

  • In case of Emergency your family can always contact you! Just give them the cell phone# for David Johnson. (+1) 573-604-1481

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