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Beginning Instructions for Lovingkindness Meditation

In this booklet are the instructions for Loving-kindness Meditation (Metta) and the Practice of the Brahma Viharas which is based on the earliest Buddhist suttas, and if practiced correctly, will lead you to the supreme goal of Nibbana — in this very life.


This booklet gives easy to follow instructions for a daily practice. Just 30 minutes a day gets you on a path to a deep experience of the truth. A month or two can even yield your first jhana experience because of the special "relax" step that is added for eliminating hindrances.


For over 40 years Bhante Vimalaramsi researched and practiced many methods without finding any real satisfaction. He went back to the earliest Buddhist teachings. He found what he was seeking.


Bhante's method of “The 6Rs", based on Right Effort, is the key to the cessation of craving and the elimination of ignorance.


Bhante Vimalaramsi has been a monk since 1986 and practiced with many of the major Buddhist teachers in Asia. He now teaches all over the world and is the abbot of the Dhamma Sukha Meditation Center near St. Louis, Mo, USA.

Beginning Instructions for Lovingkindness Meditation