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Your Friday Welcome Message

Friday Night Welcome Message! For your Online Lovingkindness Retreat

Dear Metta/Lovingkindness Online Retreat Participants,


Your retreat starts tonight!


A very quick review of your online program - 5 min


So please turn down the Tweeting and Facebook


Take the precepts and review the precept sheet for using tomorrow morning when you get up in the morning. Download from the support page.


Watch the Orientation Video tonight (If you haven't already depending on your time zone)


What can you do with the extra time you now have?

  • Sit more, walk more

  • Watch another video

  • Print out and learn the 6Rs

  • You may read from the Majjhima Nikaya, Sammyutta Nikaya or any of Bhante's Books -Please avoid anything else

  • Get to bed at a reasonable time - If you can't get it all done just finish a talk or your report the next day. Be well rested!




SMILE MORE AND RADIATE LOVINGKINDNESS TO EVERYONE - it’s actually ok to be happy and be content right here in the present moment. This is the first step to awakening. Don’t TRY to be happy – just do it. It is ok. The Buddha found, after six years of struggle, that the "magic" key to attaining Nibbana was simply to stop trying and just come into the moment and relax.


Submit your response form at the end of the day starting Saturday night (or if it gets too late Sunday morning, it is fine to send it Sunday morning). I don’t need one tonight. If I ask questions, please reply as soon as you can. If you have been meditating for quite a while and have graduated beyond the spiritual friend object of meditation please write for instructions.


Please be sure to read the TWIM guide that was sent previously and also attached to this email. Follow the instructions, exactly! Don't think something you have done before will "help" -maybe it will or not but the Buddha found the practice was easy but the recipe was a little complex and if you didn't do every aspect of it your cake would not rise! So please follow all instructions carefully and you will progress quickly. Pay attention to the 6Rs. Staying with your object of meditation and using the 6Rs is the key to progress. Not just one or the other. This is the Samatha and Vipassana yoked together. Tranquility and Insight (the 6RS observing and letting go of distractions).


Your Links to visit now:


Your Retreat Schedule- Just follow along and follow its instructions. Online Retreat Program to be followed


Your First Talk- The instructions


Where you can find the precepts to print out: Online Retreat Support Document Page


Good Luck Meditators!


And remember to Smile! It is the path to Awakening!

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