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"The most concise, accessible and thoughtful exposition of the dhamma that I've ever heard.


After many decades of me trying to 'make sense' of this teaching, two retreats with Bhante and there it all was, in clear daylight. Sadhu Bhante."  K.B.

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Email Received April 2, 2021

Dear Sir,


   This mail is written again to reconfirm about my relief of personal problem of Panic attack and fear complex.  I had been practicing vipassana meditation for the last 25 years and TWIM for the last 2 years. I was having fear all the time in my mind for the last 30 years and tried all sorts of alternative method to come out of that. I couldn't even look at others face or eyes. 

   Later on I thought of writing a letter to you Bhanteji and expressed my problem and the reply came to me about smiling. Surprisingly due to the strong metta of venerable one, bhanteji, my problem vanished on the same day. Now it is not attacking any more. 

   It is a real surprise to me and I wanted to thank both you and Bhanteji for this new gift. Now life is worth living. 

Thank you very much for this. It is 3 months and the fear is not attacking me any more. A new life begins.  Now I keep all my precepts strongly 


Thanks for the gift

k.t. India


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