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Bhante Vimalaramsi 


 'Teachings from the Suttas'

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LGBTQ meditators accepted.

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awakening and elimination of unhappiness


Solar Eclipse Retreat Success!  Apr4-9th


***Chat Gpt -May Req. Prem Sub. - Answers based on The Path to Nibbana and ALL of Bhante's & Delson Armstrong's books.


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6R's key to Jhana

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Messages/Reviews - Dhamma Sukha

Forgiveness experience using Bhante Vimalaraṁsi's Method

"The Magic of Forgiveness" Blog post by John Munroe"

                     From a recent Google Review Apr 12, 2024:

This is an ***EXCEPTIONAL*** meditation retreat center. Please take it from someone who's explored spiritual teachings and sat oven a dozen meditation retreats over the last 10+ years. Their "TWIM" technique is gentle, simple, easy, efficient, and accessible. The teachers are compassionate, equanimous, attentive, generous, and highly qualified. The accommodations are comfortable. The vibe is laid back. The cost is shockingly affordable at a time when inflation is high. Go for it. Don't miss the priceless opportunity to visit, support, and/ or retreat at this precious place.


From a Online Retreat Survey we sent out

What can we do to improve your online retreat? Take a moment to reflect on your experience.


"My main motivation to attend this online retreat was to learn to balance meditation practise and other aspects of life. I've made some progress in physical retreats, but I've struggled with progress when practising at home. I hoped to get to lower jhanas and see how it affects my daily life at home and at work.

I was blown away with the result, I made progress to higher jhanas, the affect it had on my work and life at home was incredible and the joy and happiness I felt was astounding. Felt like a proper vacation :) Thank you this online retreat program."

From a Recent Online Retreat:    Youtube comment Apr 11,2023

    "It was interesting.... I forget that when I am on retreat for some reason, caffeine is much more powerful. So yesterday I had a cup of tea a little bit late in the day, and I didn’t fall asleep until 1 AM. Woke up at 530 and got to it...(sitting)

The bubbles were blue. Which I didn’t expect :-) At first, I thought they were disturbances and then, as I saw them again, or possibly for the third time (not sure) I suddenly realized what was happening, and simultaneously laughed and wept briefly. 


Then sat in the relief and ease and let it settle. It was like I couldn’t get the smile off my face.


I went and had breakfast and then went for a walk. Still big smile, very high energy walking. Not rushing just high energy. And reflecting, as I was walking- And I was struck by a couple of things. First of all, how comparatively calm it was, as compared to the very first attainment several years ago, which was super intense. It was a lot more equanimity for the walk as well.


Also, how normal and natural it feels, and also felt when it happened. It was even in the midst of the smiling and laughter and brief weeping, it all just felt regular. And at the same time, I also noticed that when there were precursors to feelings and reactions that I know are common for me historically, I could feel them begin, and just disappear as I was walking along. It was a bit different than anything else.

BG SF. Cal.


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Want to learn more about the path to Nibbana, lovingkindness, or meditation?

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Just passing by to tell you thank you for what you've done by writing your book. Not only for me personally, but for a lot of people online. You were right, the practice works 100%. 

I think i had another vision after I wrote to you last, but besides that my practice has been extremely blissful, words cannot describe the abode of that pure peace and balance. I hope you're having a wonderful day, and again thank you for everything!  H.T.    Jan 2022


The Path to Nibbana

Includes Chapter Timing Marks

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