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"The most concise, accessible and thoughtful exposition of the dhamma that I've ever heard.


After many decades of me trying to 'make sense' of this teaching, two retreats with Bhante and there it all was, in clear daylight. Sadhu Bhante."  K.B.

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Venerable Bhante Vimalaraṁsi retired from teaching in March 2022 and is convalescing due to poor health. We continue to support him with visits and any other assistance he needs.

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You Tube Comment Nov 13, 2021

NEW: From a Youtube commenter:

At first , I watched a video of Jurgen Zieve ,and then Delson Armstrong's appeared as a related video (Viking Guru), which was really interesting . So I decided to check his teacher Bhante's website and YouTube channel , and I was truly amazed by what he had said about Metta meditation and Vipassana and Samatha ! I learned and practiced Theravada Buddhism and its meditations (Metta , Vipassana ) in Japan Theravada association many years ago . The teacher was a Sri Lankan monk Sumanasara . He teaches Vipassana based on Mahasi method , and metta meditation independently .


But many people there ,including me , had some big questions, like :" Is it possible to get to the final point only by Vipassana ? How should we practice Samatha ? We don't need it ? etc " .


What Bhante said was a revolution to me ! I left Fundamental Buddhism or Theravada Buddhism many years ago ,and went through many other spiritual paths .including traditional Advaita Vedanta. But now I am very attracted by Bhante's " Suttavada" .

Anyway ,thank you very much Bhante !  wsw Nov 13th 2021


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Just passing by to tell you thank you for what you've done by writing your book. Not only for me personally, but for a lot of people online. You were right, the practice works 100%. 

I think i had another vision after I wrote to you last, but besides that my practice has been extremely blissful, words cannot describe the abode of that pure peace and balance. I hope you're having a wonderful day, and again thank you for everything!  H.T.    Jan 2022

The Path to Nibbana

Includes Chapter Timing Marks

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