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2023 Retreats
are Open

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Complete Meditation Manual on TWIM

Online Retreats
we offer online meditation retreats in mindfulness of lovingkindness

Our Mission

awakening and elimination of unhappiness

Latest Updates


2023 Summer-Fall Retreats are open!


Introducing TWIM -

Tranquil Wisdom Insight Meditation



  • In Beta... Talk to a TWIM Guide. You can talk to a TWIM guide for 15min and get your questions answered on a zoom call (n/c): Make an appt

  • Fundraiser for the new TWIM Meditation center in Bangladesh. Please help bring more TWIM to the world.

  • Teri Pohl is offering Intense ZOOM retreats. Do a full retreat at home and get daily interviews on ZOOM.

  • Smiling Videos to make you smile!

  • Spring-Summer-Fall DSMC Retreats are open

  • Delson's new Dependent Origination Series -See books

  • Are you in India? Get all our TWIM books from Amazon India!

  • Delson Armstrong's videos listed on his page for Summer of 2022. Bookmark it for later - the talks were amazing.  Here

  • Get questions answers to your meditation questions every Saturday.

  • Delson Armstrong has his own page now

  • Talk about TWIM on our talk site at

  • Have Questions about how to Practice? Watch and read the FAQ

  • Translated to Chinese: 'The Path to Nibbana'  涅槃之路 

  • Dhamma Sukha in INDIA


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Delson's new books on Dependent Origination -Amazon  India-Pothi



Venerable Bhante Vimalaraṁsi retired from teaching in March 2022 and is convalescing due to poor health. We continue to support him with visits and assistance as needed.

Missouri Retreats at Dhamma Sukha 2023

Featured Teachers for 2023: