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"Author Page" now created for "The Path to Nibbana"

You may visit the author and book page that is now set up  at Here, you can learn more about the meditation and find more places to obtain a copy of the book. You can also find out where to do retreats to attain Nibbana yourself!

We are also announcing that the latest version of the "Path" book has as Appendixes: "A Guide to Tranquil Wisdom Meditation" and "Guide to Forgiveness Meditation" at the back of the book. This gives you the beginning instructions and if you run into trouble then you can read the Forgiveness book to find out how to remove obstacles to your Loving-kindness.

So now this book has everything you need even if you never do a retreat at a meditation center you can do the practice on your own at home.  Of course you can always email us at if you have questions.

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